Special Poem


A collaberation on my facebook status from my friends

Little game because I know some of you can rhyme,
Each person does comment with only one Line,
Next person does then add one more that is fine,
And we all make a poem before running out of time.

Do not end it with a non rhyming word,
the line must make sense.
Every second line must rhyme with the first, easy you see :)
And each line must continue the theme of the poem, right who is starting?

1) It's friday, the start of the weekend,
2) So what should I do, that will just depend.
3) Whether it's sunny, or grey,
4) It will be great, two days i say

5) Maybe go dancing, on Saturday night?
6) And stay out having fun, until the sun brings daylight.
7) Maybe go to the beach, if the weather is sunny,
4) Or go see a comic, who is reasonably funny.

8) Take a country stroll, with your honey,
7) or anything you like, if you have enough money!
9) If I had the money, I go for a cruise!
4) What not go out in town, on the booze?

9) Perhaps we could all go, on a booze cruise to France,
4) I am not going, i will take the stance :)
6) A booze cruise to France, fits the bill!
7) Unless the ferry crossing, makes you ill!!

4) Well after that's done, what will we do?
7) I was thinking of having, a barbecue...
4) That will be nice, if the weather is fine,
7) If not we can sit indoors, and have wine.

4) Then when were sloshed, we can all get some sleep ,
7) Thats after we've extracted, ourselves from the heap!
4) Now the plans we do make, for the sunday ahead,
4) Or should we just stay home, and cuddle up in bed.

7) That's a good idea, I'm feeling rather tired,
4) I'm wide awake, and feeling quite wired!
7) Then maybe we should go, walking instead?
4) Yes that might help me, clear my poor head.

7) You can take your camera, and I'll take mine too,
4) As we go exploring, as the photographers do.
7) We can meet up, with the rest of the group,
4) Down by that van, that sells bread and hot soup.

8) Go down by the brook, and jump through the hoop,
4) Or visit some caves, where you have to stoop.
4) A wonderful time, will be had by all,
7) If I forget the directions, I'll give you a call.

4) We can have fun all day, and through till the night,
5) I'll bring some candles, do you have a light?
4) I have the light, if you have enough time,
4) lets hope it all stays, works out really fine.

4) Thank you all for taking part, this has been a blast,
4) I have made a copy it to make sure it does last.

1: D Ramsden
2: S Walker
3: J Hattersley
4: Me
5: D Withey
6: D Carter
7: M Parker
8: H Mann
9: K Bradbury

M Parker Thanks Craig and everybody-it was fun.x
C Wadner Glad i did it, could have fallen so flat lol
M Parker not with nutters like us around lol
C Wadner haha i am so thankfull for my fellow nutters
D Ramsden It was a great idea Craig :-) x
H Mann that's so cool, a fun idea and glad it worked out enough to make a super poem
C Wadner which you can all be proud of
S Walker that was cool!! :)
L Godin Aww I missed out on this... Jolly good one though! :)

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