Stone steps

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Day 86 300711 366@40

Climb up the steps, in abbey so old,
The path of ancients, the story be told.
Those stones you step, were built to last,
Each step you go, further to the past.

Listen to the monks, as they say prayer,
The songs they sing, in chapel up there.
Back to a time, less trouble you know,
Each step you make, further you do go.

Back to the present, the ruins we've seen,
Stones that so remain, where abbey had been.
These fine crafted block, with power of mind,
The steps you tread, further you do find.

The beauty that's left, carved steps of old,
Reminders of a time, with knights so bold.
Stones are so carved, by masons with care,
The steps you walk, when you are there.


Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner