Stress of it all

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Life under the barrage of nastiness
I am not perfect, I have made mistakes,
Always aim to be nice, not like those fakes.
To do people good, be there for friends,
Be nice and caring, be there till it ends.

I am over sensitive, yes that is true,
Does that give cause, to make me blue.
Just because you know, I am easily hurt,
You are no longer polite, responses are curt,

Take aim at my pleasures, like photos and the net,
Now let see how much grief, from you I can get.
You laugh at me personally, and call me bad names,
You think all this is funny, little immature games.

You pretend to be friends, then stick in the knife,
Regardless of friend, ex lover or ex wife.
Trying to make me ill, and my blood pressure rise,
Whilst i want my life back, break all these ties.

The photography I do, is a hobby at best,
I know it is not as good, as Bailey and the rest.
My poetry is an outlet, expression for me,
Yes I don't care, if you hate what you see.

I am not pretending, I could win any prize,
But it is so hurtful, what you say in your lies.
I do not know, why you are so cruel and nasty,
And try your best, to do your worst to me.

My personal size, I am very obese,
When smoking of cigs, did I manage to cease.
Yes I know I am short, not very tall,
But then I also don't drink alcohol, at all.

What I am not in my looks, I am in my heart,
And to be sensitive, well it is a start.
I have never pretended, to be what I am not,
Not so much heartthrob, but a heart I have got.

You want for me, to be upset and depressed,
Starting to make me, get quite stressed.
When I have not done wrong, only doing what's right,
Still asking you nicely, always being polite.

Why cant you just get on, leave me alone,
You wont stop emails, facebook or the phone.
Messinger service ceased, not sure you can tell,
Emails are blocked, and Phone cancelled as well.

You think I am dating, well I am not you know,
You insults about this, are so very very low,
The person you think, is an ex and a friend,
And will be that way, till my very end.

I am sorry to all, that it has come to this,
But some people are nasty, and aim not to miss.
They are hurtful, and although I know it's all a lie,
Delibrately hurting me, and I dont know why.
Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner