Summer is here

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The summer has arrived, it is very hot,
When the children play, garden toys they forgot.
The trampoline is bouncy, the barbecue is lit,
Whilst in the seat, grandma does now sit.

The summer is here, the heat does soar,
When the children play, in the out-door.
The football is bounced, the table is prepared,
Whilst in the shade, the food is shared.

The summer is hot, and its about time,
When the children play, the sun does shine.
The paddling pool splashing, for a long while,
Whilst in the seat, grandma she does smile.

The summer is happy, and we do enjoy,
When the children play, every girl and boy.
The food is devoured, and all cleared away,
Whilst in the shade, such a great day.

Ladine Walsdorf love this one and so please that Summer has arrived :-)

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner