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366@40 Day 210 011211

Just like a bridge, we must stand tall,
We all want support, so we don't fall.
A bridge need foundations, strong to stand on,
So do your friends, that I'm not wrong.

Just like a bridge, helps us to travel,
We all need support, so we don't unravel.
A bridge need strength, to take the strain,
So do your friends, time and time again.

Just like a bridge, we must stand proud,
We all have support, so shout out loud.
A bridge has meaning, will get you there,
Because all your friends, that really do care.

Just like a bridge, we must stand out,
We all get support, with-out a doubt.
A bridge has direction, just follow it's way,
Because all your friends, are with you today.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner