The deepest dark

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Day 54 366@40

You see a movement, in the deepest dark,
Along the midnight path, of the old park.
Hearing footsteps you stop, but only your own,
The fear of the dark, since childhood has grown.

A shadow does move, in the deepest dark,
Right of the path, of the old park.
Was that some voices, or an animal instead,
You hurry along now, long for your bed.

Someone in front now, in the deepest dark,
On the same path, of the old park.
Walking so slow now, stay so far behind,
Afraid of the person, what you will find.

The trees above you, in the deepest dark,
Noises of the animals, of the old park.
You reach the gate, and step on through,
Beating of your heart, is so loud too.

You leave behind you, in the deepest dark,
All of the horrors, of the old park.
Survived all of them, and reached the end,
You were not scared, we let you pretend!

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner