Ted ebare

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366@40 Day 256 160112

The house so quiet, last one to bed,
A yawn then heard, from the bear ted.
Been a long day, with hugs all day.
Children were so good, with him at play.

Ted is so special, a magical little bear,
For whilst you sleep, is on guard there.
Been a lovely day, and nights just begun,
For this little bear, will have some fun.

Sliding from his seat, he looks all around,
Very careful is he, not making a sound.
Been a great day, but now it's night,
He checks the house, keeping out of sight.

The house is fine, the kiddies fast asleep,
Back through the house, he silently does creep.
Been a perfect day, been so many smiles,
Trip in the car, had gone for miles.

He has some food, and a nice drink,
Then washes his paws, in the little sink.
Been a long day, now he does explore,
Out the cat flap, in the back door.

In the nice garden, sits on the swings,
Then down the slide, and the other things.
Been a long night, he has had fun,
Now time to return, where he has begun.

In through the flap, in the back door,
Wipes his feet now, then over the floor.
Been a long night, now for some rest,
But not in lounge, another place likes best.

He enters the room, of little girl grace,
Even in her sleep, smile on her face.
Been a long night, cuddles up right beside,
For she is happy, smile does not hide.

With a big yawn, ted now fast asleep,
Happy he is found, grace's arms to keep.
Been a long night, soon be the day,
When all the children, will again happily play.

So if your teddy, seams to have moved,
Don't blame a child, I have now proved.
Been a long day, he needed a hug,
So went to child, and become really snug.

N Coker ッ What a Cracking little poem!! The pic aint bad either :-)
H Mann really lovely and so child friendly :-)))
J Hooren awww thats a fab poem..... made me smile :)

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