Tick Tock

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The Biological Clock

The constant beat, I sit in the dark,
Can you hear, come listen.. hark.
That lonely sound, rhythmic tick tock,
The ticking of, your biological clock.

A good mother, you should be,
Not yet blessed, as can see,
Awake with prayer, through the night,
Lay with hope, you just might.

Time is passing, going too fast,
So worried now, time might be past.
Can not stop it, like the tide,
Does not ease, the pain inside.

Friends new baby, celebrate the birth,
Your longing for, to show your worth.
Make a mummy, you know you could,
The kick inside, feel like you should.

Stay with hope, one day for you,
You may become, a mummy too.
May be a while, it may take years,
But I hope it, will end your fears.

There are options, you can make,
Like adoptive route, you can take.
Can be mummy, do your best,
Be so proud, like all the rest.

If not to be, please don't be sad,
For you tried, with time you had.
Other choices, become front line,
I wish you luck, you'll be so fine.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner