Lonely Island

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Love Poem

With a sea so clear, and a beach so fine,
This is where we, will both spend our time.
For this is the place, that we will be together,
It's so perfect here, we want to stay forever.

With the rock pool, and the sea so still,
A very good feeling, of shear tranquil.
We walk together, hand in hand,
With our toes digging, in the white sand.

We sit by the rock pool, with the spring,
An impulse catches us, and we jump in.
The water is so fresh, and cool today,
With a beauty beside me, i have to say.

We hug and we kiss, in the pool,
I guess we are just lovers, or fools.
Further into the island, we can clearly see,
The small cliff and its all, for you and me.

We dance and we cuddle, before taking a swim,
Then quickly get out, when the light goes dim.
As the sun starts setting, we lay on the sand,
A beautiful woman, and a handsome man.

Watching the sun, as it is slowly setting,
As if the light the sky, is now forgetting.
We cuddle right there, before going to sleep,
For this is the beauty, forever i'll keep.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner