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Day 26 366@40

The perfection of power, see the blades fly,
On these great machines, that touch the sky.
Evolution of the mill, give power to all,
On land or sea, they do stand tall.

With barely a sound, eye sore to some,
But when coal ends, salvation they will come.
These great white giants, wind's power they caught,
Way for our future, just like we sought.

The perfection in design, the blades keep moving,
Such a gentle sound, that is almost soothing.
No plumes of smoke, or radio-active decay,
All plants and animals, safer with this way.

H Mann have always thought them ugly and a blot on the landscape but your poem has given a better unstanding of them, well done, made me almost....almost....like them :-)

J Hooren think they r great to watch.... find them very relaxing and a tad distracting lol.......will blame it on the parents giving me windmills at seaside lol

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