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Just how unwanted do the single feel?

It is Valentines day, Here today once more,
Usual for you though, No cards through door.
People in the street, Carry chocolates and flowers,
As they dance away, In to small hours

Wish the day over, You sit all alone,
Would welcome a call, A suitor on phone.
All the peoples faces, Smiles are all around,
Suitors on their arms, Lovers they have found.

Nobody to you speaks, Never to get flowers,
No chocolates or treats, Minutes turn into hours.
People are all around, Wish all Happy Day,
You think to yourself, Better home I'll stay

But not the same, there in your home,
Watch the hours move, Your thoughts all alone.
Dine at a restaurant, Or dinner by candlelight
Remember there are people, Alone on this night.

Steph Walker: What a beautiful poem...just how I am feeling today!
Craig Wadner: sorry its not all lovey dovey - there are enough of those
Steph Walker: Its perfect!
Jan Wyatt i like that craig

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner