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366@40 Day 285 150212

One day for love,
The special dinner treat,
With candle's a burning,
Nice things to eat.

A day for flowers,
From the market stall,
Arranged in a vase,
On table in hall.

One day for chocolate,
Shaped in a heart,
Each one pure desire,
So passion can start.

A day for romance,
Swept off your feet,
The suitor you desire,
You finally do meet.

One day for kisses,
To show they care,
The un-signed card,
Left of your chair.

A day for smiles,
Email from a suitor,
Which does so arrive,
Up-on your computer

One day for couples,
Should not be alone,
A card or letter,
Or call on phone.

A day for you,
Just the right way,
You are the valentine,
On this Valentine day.

J Wyatt i like that craig xxx
N Coker cute!
A King nice poem x
H Mann really lovely, so right for today :-)))

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