Walk in the woods

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Day 106 190811 366@40


A walk through the woods,
Twig's snapping under our feet,
Piles of leaves all around,
Even on the bench seat.

Trees are starting the change,
From summer to the fall,
The smallest of little trees,
To those so incredibly tall.

Sunlight falls through the trees,
Woodland scent is so strong,
Every time I am here,
Feel like I do belong.

Trees are staring to change,
Getting ready for the cold,
The trees of all sizes,
The young and the old.

A walk through the woods,
Ivy climbing up a tree,
With all of nature around,
No place I'd rather be.

Trees are starting to change,
Circle of life does endure,
All the leaves do fall,
Ready to grow once more.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner