Wall Flower at the Gatehouse

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Day 2 of 366@40

Here on the gatehouse, Up so very high,
The wall flower grows, To touch the sky.
In this building of, Chalk stone and brick,
Found itself a niche, Made a choice pick.

Here on the gatehouse, On stones it grows,
High in the sky, The beauty does shows.
Beauty in its looks, Draws you to see,
Fragrant in it's perfume, Is as should be.

REMARKS: (For Photo)
L Walsdorf the photo to celebrate turing 40....very simply & pretty...just lovey! are looking forward to the next 365 postings for this page
L Robertson Is beautiful Craig, lovely photo!!! Congrats on day 1!!
H Mann simplicity itself, but so gorgeous
K Bradbury simply beautiful......
D Hollingworth Like the DOF and the subtly of the colours - not bad for a fortysomething, well done
S Walker Beautiful!! Enjoy the next year!!
M Rowe Lovely..
L Godin Really pretty! Can't wait 2 see what you will photograph this next year!!!

REMARKS: (For Poem)
l Mann ahh that is nice. it suits the flower
H Mann I like it when you do a poem for an historical site or a blog, it all helps to see th bigger pcture :-)
Hl Mann this is such a good idea .... to celebrate your 40th
S Walker beautiful poem for a beautiful pic!
L Walsdorf awesome poem...luv the perspective, makes you feel that the little flower is really proud of doing it's job...looking & smelling beautiful :-)

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