What is love

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Finding the one

So what is love, where is it found,
Is it a touch, or perhaps a sound.
What is this love, how does it feel,
Can you now tell, if this is real.

So what is love, who does now know,
What are the signs, how do they show.
Can this be love, who can now say,
Each one of us, feels a different way.

So what is love, please help me look,
The arms of one, not to be mistook.
Can I find love, the warmth of care,
To give and receive, know they are there.

So what is love, why so much need,
Why is it elusive, oh why I plead.
Please prescribe a love, which is for me,
One that's to last, forever it must be.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner