The Winter Solstice
Sun stands still and low

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366@40 Day 232 231211

The ancient days, unwritten in pages,
At Winter Solstice, through the ages.
To witness rebirth, the unconquerable sol,
First light returns, most magnificent goal.

Along it's gestation, triumph over night,
At Winter Solstice, such a sight.
The light divine, strength does increase,
From first light, darkness to cease.

Bring us warmth, peace and hope,
At Winter Solstice, we do cope.
Whisper of secrets, to dormant seed,
Warmth of love, those of need.

Guide our path, one that's right,
At Winter Solstice, bring forth light,
Banish the gloom, the wheel turns,
Rebirth of light, yule log burns.

H Mann well told story of a time long ago but the belief of which is very much in the present

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