Darcy The Sheep
Prepares to move

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366@40 Day 174 261011

Darcy woke up really early, her daddy still fast asleep,
With a great big yawn, she gives a little bleat.
Today they will go visit, the farm down the dale,
For they will be moving, as its up for sale.

Barker is at the door, he will come along too,
He is getting himself ready, there is much to do.
Daddy is now wide awake, and comes and makes food,
He says hello to Barker, so he wasn't being rude.

They all travel in style, in an old farm truck,
Arriving at the new place, after splashing through some muck.
Darcy and Barker the dog, are allowed to go play,
As long as in farm, Darcys dad said they may.

Darcy is first to notice, a little bird over there,
She could not see that well, and didnt want to stare.
Ladine is a little kiwi bird, over near the big tree,
Darcy goes over to chat, and a closer look see.

Mother hen sits so proud, and Karen is her name,
She helps to organise all, can sometimes be a pain.
Although always in a fuss, she is also very kind,
Never one to not help, she reallys does not mind.

Over in the mud pool, a pot belled pig resides,
Nick tends to fall asleep, from farmer he so hides.
Over comes a bounding here, steph the little white goat,
They are so very careful, after she ate a coat!

Jane is a lovely sheep, under the tree she stays,
She could move somewhere else, but stuck in her ways.
Maz is the black sheep, Mother hen keeps an eye,
Always gets in the bother, and no one knows why.

Over in the distant field, is Hazel the little fawn,
She stays quite well hidden, unless at dusk or dawn.
Around her head a buzzin, Tracey a little bumble bee,
She wont do you harm, just wanted a look see.

Over in the large pen, is June the jersey cow,
If you need a hand, she will show you how.
Over in the another pen, David the bull does stand,
Looks like he's a guard, there to protect the land.

Running all along the track, Siân the puppy at play,
Walked along with us all, as we did explore today.
Darcy is so very amazed, at all her new friends,
To each one she talks, and her love she sends.

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner