(for the trees)

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366@40 Day 190 111111

Can you even see, the wood for trees,
Have so much work, no time to seize.
Do not even notice, your friends have gone,
Or that it has, gone on so long.

Do you even see, the branches span out,
Have you become a, voice with no clout.
If you even notice, your friends do leave,
Or that your burdens, take much to heave.

Perhaps you even see, the leaves on ground,
Have you got stuck, shout with no sound.
Do you even notice, your friends through door,
That all your work, your friendship no more.

Now you must see, root of the tree,
Give you a break, so you can be.
Hope you do notice, the friends you had,
Slow all this work, before makes you sad.

Stop and now see, soil it does grow,
Give you a chance, with what you know.
Hope you do notice, and close the door,
To help you now, your friends are for.

S Walker I like this poem!!!

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner