Jesus Story

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The Christian Story of Baby Jesus
Although i am not christian, many of my friends and family are, so this is for them.

On December 25th, 2000 years ago,
A story began, that you know.

The Angel Gabriel, appeared to say,
Mary and Joseph, were chosen today.
A special baby, that's God's son,
Call him Jesus, the story begun.

They were betrothed, because of that,
Travel to Bethlehem, little donkey sat.
Joseph goes home, with wife too,
To pay tax's, that became due.

All Inns full, nowhere to rest,
Ended in stable, really not best.
Mary gave birth, Manger she lay,
The baby Jesus, was born Today.

Shortly 3 visitors, Shepherd's came by,
Because a light, angel in sky.
Told to come, whilst tending sheep,
Son of God, they would meet.

3 wise men, saw the light,
Brand new star, appeared that night.
Check the books, could have sworn,
Says in them, great ruler born.

Went to King, Child not there,
Herod does ask, tell him where.
They find Jesus, gifts they give,
Don't tell King, where he live.

Joseph and Mary, do quickly depart,
Killing all boys, Herod does start.
But they escaped, Egypt they went,
Jesus was safe, was Heaven sent.

S Evans I love it. XX
S Walker I like it!!
H Mann lovely, liked it back then, like it just as much now
A King Another of your brilliant poems thanks xx
S Hugill Beautiful - great synopsis of the Christmas story x
I Walker Very nicely put

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