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Have a Blessed Yule

The Icy fingers of winters cold breath,
Snow's blanket covers nearly all of the land,
Wrap up warm before you catch cold,
Look around from where you now stand.

Moonlight to guide us all at night,
A fire lit with a warming glow,
Scent of pine from the fire grate,
Love of our family that we know.

Bell's jingle in the wind blowing outside,
Singing Pagan carols with strong voices proud,
Listening to words said of the Oaken Lord,
And the Holly King told out loud.

In our circle we welcome returning light,
We joyfully feast on bread and wine,
Blessings given to never hunger or thirst,
All with the backdrop scent of pine.

We hold hands now and make wish,
Regardless of faith we do now request,
Family, friends and all their friends too,
Joy and peace your Yule be blessed.

S Walker a great poem!!!

Copyright 1990 - 2013 Craig Wadner